Case studies

Pekpol Ostrołęka III 

„Pekpol Ostrołęka” S.A. Meat Processing Plant – one of Polish factories in the meat processing industry.


  • The third edition of the loyalty program for shops distributing products of „Pekpol Ostrołęka” S.A. Meat Processing Plant, this time named “the Dream Tower”


  • The activity was all about collecting points which could be converted into available rewards at any time
  • Participants collected points for bulk packages with a printed promotional code
  • Participants had access to a comprehensive rewards catalog


  • The participant who collected the highest number of points got an exclusive trip to Paris

Pekpol Ostrołęka IV 

Zakłady Mięsne „Pekpol Ostrołęka” S.A. – one of Polish factories in the meat processing industry.

Objective :

  • Activity under a slogan Pekpol Time for changes is the fourth edition of motivation program for client’s business partners


  • Rewards for sales results for companies recruited by Sales Representatives
  • Additional rewards for the recruitment process for Business Partners
  • Rewards from the catalog as well as topping up prepaid cards for the best client’s Sales Representatives


Nestle is the largest food producer in the world. It offers modified milk, cereals, porridge and many other products for children.


  • Loyalty program entitled „ Grow up with us” was created keeping in mind presence of Bobo Fruit brand in the market for many years 


  • The competition slogan recalls the moment when contemporary parents were children themselves and used Nestlé products.
  • Individuals who wanted to take part in the competition had to share their childhood photo and a photo of their child
  • Resolution of the competition came via voting;
  • Additionally, friends and family were invited in social media to join in
  • The winner was the participant with the highest number of votes


  • Source of information about products and Nestlé news

JTI Polska 

JTI is a leading tobacco company in the world


  • Loyalty Program Origami, Retail Points of Sale dealing in tobacco products and cooperating with the client who  took part in the program


  • Participants get points for purchasing selected client’s products, points convertible into rewards;
  • Each participant received his/her own password and login, with which they could check the balance of points and order rewards from an online catalog


  • The program resulted in increased sales of selected products

Timac Agro Polska 

WITH US from 2016
Timac Agro Polska provides innovative solutions related to the nutrition of plants and animals for sustainable agriculture.


  • Timac Farmer Club Program is aimed at Farmers purchasing Timac Agro products, whereas Timac Partner Club is directed at employees of the distribution network who deal in Timac Agro products.


  • Both programs are based on a dedicated internet platform as well as extended profiles of Sales Representatives, who can keep track of their clients’ results.