Case studies

OKI Systems

For OKI Systems Polska, we have implemented a loyalty programme based on rewarding participants who purchased premium brand products in a given month with points exchangeable for prizes available in the catalogue.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions

For Fujitsu Technology Solutions, we have implemented a loyalty programme addressed to employees of companies selling the brand's products. For the purchased products, it was possible to receive rewards in the form of recharging the payment card.


We organized one of the largest lotteries for the BLIK brand, the aim of which was to popularize the mobile payment system. Its task was to attract new users and reward existing customers using BLIK. The value of the main prize in the lottery was as much as PLN 100,000.


For Colian, we have implemented a bonus programme targeted at its strategic customers - selected food shops. The aim of the programme was to implement the designated sales plans within 3 months.


We have organized a loyalty programme for Bakalland, which was targeted at selected stores purchasing Delecta products. Its assumption was to motivate stores to implement sales plans in return for valuable prizes.

Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Centre

For Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Centre, we have organised a lottery with prizes targeted at its customers. On the occasion of the birthday, we conducted 7 stages of the draw, in which we could win cash prizes in the form of gift cards. The main prize in this lottery was a card worth PLN 100,000.