Platform Modules

Motivation Direct
Loyalty Platform


It is an innovative tool based on the latest technologies allowing for the establishment of stable relations with Clients and Business Partners.

Using the loyalty platform each company can actively manage business objectives pertaining to the sales growth, sales team motivation, promotions, stable relations with Clients and Business Partners, as well as improve visual merchandising, educate clients and make them familiar with the offer.
Each Motivation Direct Client choosing our platform gains access to a comprehensive IT system composed of modules enabling efficient management of every loyalty or motivation program.


Module for creating promotions

By using our offer, with just one click, you can choose the ways and means to reward loyalty program participants.

Thus, you can immediately learn each mechanism pertaining to points allocation and take the decision which suits your company sales targets best. This is what we offer:

  • Points for qualitative tasks e.g. displays
  • Points for codes registration
  • Questionnaires and quizzes
  • Points for each sales unit
  • Points for turnover
  • Points for target
  • Points for recommendation
  • Points for registration in the program
  • Points for e-learning participation
  • Competitions and lotteries
  • Sales rankings
  • Product auctions

Communication module

Analytical/reporting module

Analytical/reporting module

Reporting and analyzing results of implemented strategies is possible thanks to dedicated tools.

Why is it worth considering this? Using our reporting tools, you can monitor all loyalty program participants activities and YTD and status of KPIs’ achievement. Analytical/reporting system is always adjusted by us to the needs and specifics of the Client. Our platform enables its integration with any financial system of the Client.

    The following are examples of data one can monitor on the platform:

  • 1Targets realization
  • 2Participants registration
  • 3Points allocation and participants activity
  • 4Points redemption
  • 5Rewards ordering and delivery status

Module for managing the rewards catalog

Module for managing the rewards catalog

Managing the rewards catalog
Our standard catalog contains thousands of products in 24 categories available online. With us you can implement any catalog, and select products and services adjusted to your Clients’ and employees’ needs. We offer a complex service, starting with integration with any Client’s system, warehousing, packing and delivery to an address given by the Client.

Learn more about the rewards catalog

E-learning module

Administrative module

Administrative module

Our system allows clients to manage and run programs from any place and on any device. The administrative module gives full control of the participants database to clients, enables them to manage promotions and content, communication, rewards catalog and gives them access to reporting and analyses.

Module for content management on WWW web page

Module for content management on WWW web page

With our proprietary system Edito CMS, managing content on the web page is exceptionally simple. Software Edito CMS offered by us is a result of needs analysis of our Clients and cooperation with them. The system,created by a team of specialists, is continuously being developed, new modules are being created, previous ones are being adjusted.

Using the system to manage structure and content makes it possible to maintain the service in a coherent form. On the other hand, simplicity of operation makes releasing information a much faster and up-to-date process, which is exceptionally significant in the area of internet.