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Fuel cards – Fuel card accepted at all gas stations!

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Fuel cards

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Would you like to manage your car fleet in a simple and efficient way as well as control the usage of gas in company cars? Or maybe you are looking for an interesting form of reward for your loyalty program, competition or lottery? The solution to meet your needs is the first fuel card accepted at all gas stations inside the closed network.


Advantages of Motivation Direct Fuel Card:

Advantages of Motivation Direct
Fuel Card:



Motivation Direct fuel card can serve as a tool for employees using company cars, as an allowance for gas, as well as a form of reward in loyalty/motivation programs and many different competitions and lotteries.



Prepaid card is a type of payment card not linked with any bank account, which you use after topping it up earlier. Payments by a prepaid card cannot exceed its value.

It is worth getting to know!

It is worth getting to know!



As compared with any other prepaid cards Motivation Direct Fuel Card is the only one which enables you to make payments at all gas stations – both chain stations like BP, Shell, Orlen, Statoil, Lotos, and local, run by independent operators. The card functions in the prepaid card model and was set up on the Visa platform.



Fuel cards are a popular tool of non cash settlement of fuel purchase at gas stations. This solution is ranked high by entrepreneurs mainly for its convenience of fuel purchase at gas stations, with no need to carry cash, and the possibility to set a limit for fuel purchases.


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