Case studies

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For Colian, we have implemented a bonus programme targeted at its strategic customers - selected food shops. The aim of the programme was to implement the designated sales plans within 3 months.


  • Colian VIP Club is a programme aimed at strategic Colian clients.


  • Each participant received an individual monthly sales plan to be implemented, divided into 3 months of the programme.
  • For the implementation of the designated plan, the store received a bonus in the form of recharging its point account in the programme.
  • Additional points could be obtained for the implementation of quality tasks related to, incl., with the display of the customer's goods.


  • Increase in brand awareness and presence.
  • Source of information about Colian products and news.

Colian is a Polish family business that specializes in the production, distribution and sale of food products. Its brands include known to all: Goplana, Solidarność, Jutrzenka, Grześki, Jeżyki and Hellena. Colian is a company that competes with international concerns. Its products are present not only in Poland, but also on over 50 foreign markets.

Incentive programme Colian VIP Club

The incentive programme that we have prepared for the Colian company was directed to selected grocery shops being its strategic customers. Each participant received a sales plan for implementation, divided into 3 months of the programme. If the conditions of the programme were met by them, and the plan was implemented within the prescribed time - the shop received a bonus in the form of points on an individual account. As part of the Colian VIP Club programme, it was also possible to earn additional points for quality tasks, e.g. related to the display of goods.

Programme for grocery shops - results

The result of the introduced Colian bonus programme was to increase brand awareness among food shops, which constitute the group of its key customers. The implementation of the indicated sales plan, rewarded with points, allowed the participants to get to know the product offer of all Colian brands and to familiarize them with the introduced new products. The programme intended for grocery shops resulted in the implementation of the developed sales plans within the prescribed time. Point bonuses exchangeable for prizes effectively mobilized and activated participants, which allowed for more product sales in their stores.


For the Warta company, we organized a lottery with prizes addressed to the winners of the #boWarto competition. There were cash rewards and a Toyota Corolla passenger car to be won.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions

For Fujitsu Technology Solutions, we have implemented a loyalty programme addressed to employees of companies selling the brand's products. For the purchased products, it was possible to receive rewards in the form of recharging the payment card.