Case studies

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We organized one of the largest lotteries for the BLIK brand, the aim of which was to popularize the mobile payment system. Its task was to attract new users and reward existing customers using BLIK. The value of the main prize in the lottery was as much as PLN 100,000.


  • The "Blikomania" lottery aims to popularize the BLIK mobile payment system.
  • The lottery is to attract new users and ensure the satisfaction of the existing ones.


  • In order to take part in the lottery, users have to fill in the form, pay, withdraw and transfer with BLIK one by one.
  • Every week, Winners, who will receive daily prizes in the form of a BLIK Check, will be selected.
  • The winner of the draw will be notified to the e-mail address provided earlier.
  • There are 22 draws in the lottery.
  • During the last draw, an additional main prize worth PLN 100,000 will be selected!
  • Daily prizes can be collected at selected ATMs, the main prize will be transferred to the indicated bank account by the winner.

The BLIK mobile payment system is a brand belonging to PSP - Polish Payment Standard. According to NBP, in 2019 the number of BLIK transactions exceeded the number of traditional card payments on the Polish Internet. The number of active users of this payment system is over 16 million people.

Our tasks in Blikomania programme

Our tasks during the development of the Blikomania programme included the preparation of regulations and obtaining an acquiescence to organize the lottery. We were also responsible for building an IT system, a platform for managing participants' accounts and a website with a drawing registration form. As part of the Blikomania lottery, we also dealt with the day-to-day operation of the draw system and the lottery website, service for its participants, as well as the distribution and issue of BLIK e-vouchers.

The policy of Blikomania contest

The Blikomania lottery was addressed to both new BLIK users and existing customers using this solution. In order to take part in the competition, everyone who was willing had to register via the form and use the BLIK system during their payments. Transactions could be performed in any form, e.g. cash withdrawals, telephone transfers, payments in an online store, etc. Very attractive prizes in the form of money awaited the participants. Every week, the randomly selected winners received a BLIK check for PLN 100. The programme includes a total of 22 draws. During the last one, the main prize was as much as PLN 100,000. Daily prizes at Blikomania could be collected at ATMs, while the main prize was transferred to the account indicated by the winner.


For Colian, we have implemented a bonus programme targeted at its strategic customers - selected food shops. The aim of the programme was to implement the designated sales plans within 3 months.


We have organized a loyalty programme for Bakalland, which was targeted at selected stores purchasing Delecta products. Its assumption was to motivate stores to implement sales plans in return for valuable prizes.