Case studies

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For Afriso, we have implemented a partnership programme aimed at fitters and distributors of its assortment. The main goal was to increase brand awareness and promote selected products among its partners.


  • Loyalty programme aimed at fitters and distributors of Afriso products.
  • Expanding knowledge about the Afriso brand and promoting the Organiser's products.


During the programme, participants collect points exchangeable for prizes for:

  • registration of promotional product codes,
  • participation in monthly promotional campaigns,
  • participation in trainings and a game developing knowledge about Afriso products.


  • Nearly 500 active participants taking part in gamification.
  • Constantly growing number of participants.

Afriso has been operating in Poland for 25 years. It is part of the international Afriso Group operating in more than 60 countries, which deals with the production of safety and regulating fittings as well as control, signalling and measuring devices.

Team A loyalty programme

The Team A loyalty programme we implemented was aimed at broadening the knowledge and awareness of Afriso among installers and distributors of this brand's products. Increasing the sales of the selected assortment was carried out by rewarding the activities undertaken by the programme participants. Points were awarded for the completion of specific tasks, with the possibility to exchange them for various prizes available in a wide catalogue. The bonus activities that allowed participants to score points included the registration of codes from the products covered by the promotion, participation in special campaigns organized every month and expanding knowledge about the Afriso brand through training and games.

B2B affiliative programme - results

The loyalty programme for B2B customers gathered almost 500 active participants who engaged in the organized gamification. The constantly growing number of people participating in the loyalty programme proves that it was properly adjusted to the target group and turned out to be a support for fitters and distributors in their work. The programme participant could get practical tips from experts and thus increase the pool of collected points. The programme's effectiveness and commitment was also influenced by the unique role-playing game that provided the participants with entertainment. Attractive prizes, combined with the valuable knowledge passed on by Afriso and an interesting form of gamification, allowed to increase the sales of the brand's products among its partners.

BGŻ BNP Paribas

For BGŻ BNP Paribas bank, we have created a loyalty programme addressed to its business partners.


For Kronospan, we organized a promotional campaign in the form of a lottery with prizes, which was addressed to the customers of the Strefa Płyt network - authorized points of sale of the brand's products. The aim was to support the sale of laminated boards and worktops from the GLOBAL collection.