Case studies

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For Kronospan, we organized a promotional campaign in the form of a lottery with prizes, which was addressed to the customers of the Strefa Płyt network - authorized points of sale of the brand's products. The aim was to support the sale of laminated boards and worktops from the GLOBAL collection.


  • Preparation, organisation and running of a sales support lottery.


  • To take part in the lottery, you had to purchase min. 25 m2 of laminated boards from the GLOBAL collection or 2 pcs of benchtops from the GLOBAL collection and keep the proof of purchase.
  • The next step was to collect the Coupon from the seller and remove the top layer to check the winnings.
  • The winnings had to be registered on the website, and the statement and the original of the Coupon were to be sent to the Organiser.
  • The award was received at the address provided during registration.


  • 2,000 awards issued.

Kronospan is a world leader in the production and distribution of wood-based panels, including chipboard, MDF and laminate flooring. It has 50 plants in Europe, Asia and the USA. This brand has been operating in Poland since 1989, currently in 8 cities.

Organisation of the online lottery Strefa Płyt

Our main task was to prepare the concept, implement and run a lottery with prizes among the customers of the Strefa Płyt. The premise of the promotional campaign was to encourage them to buy Kronospan products covered by the promotional campaign. It was an assortment from the GLOBAL collection. In order to take part in the lottery and get a chance to win valuable prizes, a customer visiting one of the Strefa Płyt network points had to purchase a minimum of 25 m2 of laminated boards or 2 pieces of a benchtop. After such a purchase, the customer obtained a Coupon in the form of a scratch card from the seller, on which one of the prizes could be hidden under the wearing surface. If, after checking it, the customer turned out to be a lucky winner, it was necessary to register the win on the website, send a scan or photo of the proof of purchase, and send the statement and the original coupon to the Organiser. The prize was delivered to the participant at the address provided during registration.

Lottery with prizes - results

The result of the lottery that we have organised was as many as 2,000 awards. A simple form of participation in a promotional campaign consisting in registering a coupon on the website prompted the customers of the Strefa Płyt network to participate in the lottery. Valuable rewards also had an impact on the commitment and motivation to take part in the campaign. Participants could, among others, win RTV / household appliances and tourism vouchers at The result of the lottery was the achievement of the assumed goal of increasing sales of selected Kronospan products from the GLOBAL collection.

SALTUS Ubezpieczenia

For SALTUS Ubezpieczenia, we have implemented an incentive programme with rewards, the aim of which was to increase insurance sales. It was addressed to employees of all branches.

Voltimum Plus

For Voltimum, we have organized a loyalty programme aimed at electricians, contractors and fitters. The main goal was to increase the effectiveness of sales in partner wholesalers and reward participants for their purchases.