Case studies

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We have organized a loyalty programme for Bakalland, which was targeted at selected stores purchasing Delecta products. Its assumption was to motivate stores to implement sales plans in return for valuable prizes.


  • "Delecta z serca" is a loyalty programme dedicated to selected stores buying Delecta products from Bakalland S.A.


  • Each store receives sales plans, for the implementation of which can earn points that can be exchanged for prizes.
  • In addition, each participant has a chance to win the main prizes in the competition for the most interesting completion of the sentence "Delecta gives me from the heart ..."
  • Rich catalogue of awards


  • Increase in brand awareness and presence
  • Source of information about Delecta products and news

The Bakalland SA Group is a leader on the food products market, present in Polish kitchens for over 27 years. It is made up of two flagship brands: Bakalland - offering selected delicacies and Delecta - offering baking products, traditional desserts and sweet instant desserts. The products of both brands are available not only on the domestic market, but also in Europe and worldwide.

Delecta loyalty programme and “Delecta z serca” contest

The programme we have prepared was aimed at increasing the sales of Delecta products among commercial partners of the Bakalland group. It was directed to selected stores that buy Delecta products. The assumption of the Bakalland loyalty programme was to provide participants with sales plans and effectively encourage stores to implement them. For taking up this challenge, participants received points that could be exchanged for prizes available in an extensive catalogue of prizes. We also introduced another interesting benefit in the form of the "Delecta z serca" contest. It was based on a simple and creative task, in the form of completing the sentence "Delecta gives me from the heart ...". Thanks to this, each participant also had a chance to win an additional attractive main prize.

Loyalty programme for Bakalland business partners - results

The effect of the activities carried out in the loyalty programme of the Delecta brand was to increase its recognition among business partners and to effectively present them products and new products from its offer. Attractive awards and an engaging form of the programme allowed us to achieve the intended results and strengthen relationships with contractors.

The loyalty programme targeted at B2B customers has effectively stimulated Delecta's trade partners to achieve better sales results. Apart from the benefits in the form of valuable rewards, a special advantage of the programme was the motivation of participants to take up the challenge related to the implementation of the indicated sales plan. These are also the most common reasons why business customers are eager to participate.

SALTUS Ubezpieczenia

For SALTUS Ubezpieczenia, we have implemented an incentive programme with rewards, the aim of which was to increase insurance sales. It was addressed to employees of all branches.


We designed a loyalty programme for the Essilor brand, which we addressed to the owners of optical salons cooperating with Essilor Polonia. Its main goal was to encourage them to buy selected brand lenses by rewarding their activity with points redeemable for prizes.