Case studies



Elektroklub is an affiliative programme with points aimed at installers. Its purpose is to activate existing users and attract new people who are willing to take part in the loyalty programme for companies.


  • Activation of participants, acquiring new ones.
  • Building a new website with increased readability, attractive form and a new graphic design.


  • Fitters rewarded for purchasing Partner products from certain Distributors.
  • Periodic special sales, benefit calculator and product finder.
  • Integration with the sales system, data updated every day.


  • Reactivation of participants, acquisition of new customers, several thousand active participants.
  • Improving User Experience; building an effective and attractive tool to support the programme.

Elektroklub is a partnership programme prepared under the initiative of three producers: Schneider Electric - an international company from the energy industry, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) - a world leader in lighting for professionals and consumers, and NKT - a leading supplier of cables and cable accessories for the power sector.

Affiliative programme with rewards

The Elektroklub partnership programme was addressed to fitters, and its main goal is activating the current participants and attracting new specialists from the electrical or electroinstallation industry who would like to participate. As a part of the programme, our task was also to create a new programme website with an attractive form and modern appearance.

The assumption of the Elektroklub partnership programme is to involve participants in the purchase of products covered by the programme and to encourage them to participate in industry training. Each participant performing the tasks assigned as part of the loyalty programme is rewarded with points for activity. Collected points can be exchanged for valuable prizes available in the catalogue or used to recharge a payment card. The website also offers the option of using special promotions, a benefit calculator and a product finder, which allows participants to see almost immediately how much they can gain after joining the programme. We have integrated the Elektroklub affiliative programme platform with the sales system, thanks to which it is possible to monitor the achieved sales level every day.

Loyalty programme for the Elektroklub brand - results

The B2B loyalty programme introduced by us has become a way to reactivate current participants and effectively attract new fitters who became interested in the benefits offered by it. The result confirming the success is several thousand active users who constantly meet the indicated sales plans. The affiliative programme with prizes has become not only a way of rewarding participants for the purchase of Philips, Schneider Electric and NKT products. The training database available on the website allows participants to gain industry knowledge, which is also rewarded with points. The effect of our activities is also the improvement of the website's UX, thanks to which it has become an effective tool for servicing the loyalty programme.

Voltimum Plus

For Voltimum, we have organized a loyalty programme aimed at electricians, contractors and fitters. The main goal was to increase the effectiveness of sales in partner wholesalers and reward participants for their purchases.


For the BLIK brand, we organised another edition of the largest lottery popularising the mobile payment system, the aim of which was to increase the number of BLIK transactions. Our task was to encourage new users and appreciate existing customers using this form of payment.