Case studies

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SALTUS Ubezpieczenia

For SALTUS Ubezpieczenia, we have implemented an incentive programme with rewards, the aim of which was to increase insurance sales. It was addressed to employees of all branches.


  • “Prize Hunter” is a programme aimed at branch employees.


  • Participants are rewarded for selling insurance (managers and employees).


  • Increase in brand awareness and presence.

SALTUS Ubezpieczenia operates within SALTUS Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych and SALTUS Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Na Życie SA. It offers a wide range of insurance for individual clients as well as companies and institutions. In the health insurance category, SALTUS Ubezpieczenia was twice awarded the Healthy Brand title for the best health products and services.

“Prize Hunter” programme

The incentive programme with rewards, which we prepared for SALTUS Ubezpieczenia, was addressed to employees of agency facilities all over the country. Employees holding managerial positions could also join the programme. The main assumption of the "Prize Hunter" programme was to reward participants for the effective sale of SALTUS insurance. Each of them could collect individually assigned points, which were later exchanged for attractive prizes available on a dedicated platform. The rewards catalogue included many valuable products, which was to encourage participants to take part in the programme and get involved in selling insurance.

SALTUS incentive programme - results

The programme for employees of insurance companies, aimed at motivating them to sell insurance, allowed not only to increase the number of contracts concluded for SALTUS products. The programme implemented by us resulted in an increase in brand recognition among insurance agents. Thanks to the valuable rewards available on the platform, employees of branches throughout the country have successfully increased their effectiveness in selling insurance products offered by SALTUS.

Rewarding the achieved sales with points exchangeable for prizes brought the expected result. The incentive programme with rewards has also become a way of appreciating their efforts in their daily work.

Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Centre

For Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Centre, we have organised a lottery with prizes targeted at its customers. On the occasion of the birthday, we conducted 7 stages of the draw, in which we could win cash prizes in the form of gift cards. The main prize in this lottery was a card worth PLN 100,000.


For the BLIK brand, we organised another edition of the largest lottery popularising the mobile payment system, the aim of which was to increase the number of BLIK transactions. Our task was to encourage new users and appreciate existing customers using this form of payment.