Case studies

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Instal Konsorcjum

For Instal Konsorcjum, we have implemented an effective loyalty programme addressed to customers of wholesalers associated as a matter of IK. The aim of the programme was to support the brand's key recipients and reward them for being active with points redeemable for prizes.


  • The programme supports wholesalers associated with Instal Konsorcjum.


  • Users are rewarded with points for purchasing installation products as part of promotional campaigns announced by IK.
  • Programme participants have access to the history of purchases, information on points earned, news, training and webinars.
  • Points are exchanged for prizes from the prize catalogue.
  • A paper newsletter is also issued for programme participants.


  • Increased interest in new technologies as part of installation systems.
  • Increase in purchases promoted as part of promotional campaigns.
  • Increased awareness of products thanks to the use of materials available as part of the newsletter.

Instal Konsorcjum is one of the largest wholesale networks in Poland operating in the field of heating, installation and sanitary technology. The company has been operating on the market for over 26 years, and currently consists of 31 wholesalers throughout the country with 150 distribution points.

Affiliative programme IK Partner

The partnership programme for Instal Konsorcjum created by us was implemented to support the brand's key customers using the offer of wholesalers included in IK. The assumption of the IK Partner programme was to reward participants with points for purchasing installation products covered by the promotional campaign. The points could be exchanged for attractive prizes from the reward catalogue. The users of the loyalty programme could read information about the brand's assortment by means of a paper-based newsletter. Participants had access to the history of purchases, the number of points scored and news related to the partnership programme and promotional campaigns on their account. Customers could also gain knowledge by various trainings and webinars available on the platform.

B2B loyalty programme - results

The result of the loyalty programme introduced to the customers of the Instal Konsorcjum wholesale store was the increased interest in new technologies within the installation systems offered by the brand. Thanks to newsletters, trainings and webinars, each participant obtained the latest information about available solutions that they could use in their daily work. The IK programme increased the sales of products covered by promotional campaigns and made it possible to increase their recognition among industry specialists. The use of a valuable catalogue of material prizes successfully engaged partners to participate in the programme.


For Afriso, we have implemented a partnership programme aimed at fitters and distributors of its assortment. The main goal was to increase brand awareness and promote selected products among its partners.

SALTUS Ubezpieczenia

For SALTUS Ubezpieczenia, we have implemented an incentive programme with rewards, the aim of which was to increase insurance sales. It was addressed to employees of all branches.