Case studies

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Fujitsu Technology Solutions

For Fujitsu Technology Solutions, we have implemented a loyalty programme addressed to employees of companies selling the brand's products. For the purchased products, it was possible to receive rewards in the form of recharging the payment card.


  • CyberBonus is the first loyalty programme on the IT market addressed to employees of companies selling Fujitsu Technology Solutions Sp. z o.o.


  • Participants receive points for the purchase of customer products, exchangeable for prizes: recharging a payment card (prepaid card).
  • The top 25 receive the main prize - in 2018 it was a trip to Australia.


  • Increase of brand awareness and presence on the IT market.
  • A source of information about products and news from Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

We have been cooperating with Fujitsu Technology Solutions since 2011. It is the largest provider of IT infrastructures on the European market, as well as in the Middle East, Africa and India. It serves both large enterprises and the companies from the SME sector and individual clients.

CyberBonus loyalty programme

The sales incentive programme was targeted at employees of companies selling Fujitsu Technology Solutions products. Each participant received a certain number of points for the purchase of products, which they could later exchange for prizes. In the CyberBonus programme, we focused on recharging payment cards as a form of rewarding active employees. The rewards for points in the form of a prepaid card are not the sole benefit of the programme. The opportunity to win the main prize for the 25 best sellers turned out to be an additional motivator. In the loyalty programme launched in 2018, it was a trip to Australia.

Incentive programme for sellers - results

The programme we implemented for employees who received points in return for purchasing Fujitsu Technology Solutions brand products allowed for an increase in its recognition on the IT market. The reward for the activity in the form of a prepaid card increased the efficiency of employees. Thanks to this solution, participants could use the funds on the card in any way, which turned out to be an effective way to encourage them to participate in the programme. An attractive main prize in the form of a trip abroad increased the involvement of each of them and thus allowed them to achieve better sales results. The loyalty programme has also become a source of knowledge for sellers about Fujitsu Technology Solutions products and news.

Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Centre

For Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Centre, we have organised a lottery with prizes targeted at its customers. On the occasion of the birthday, we conducted 7 stages of the draw, in which we could win cash prizes in the form of gift cards. The main prize in this lottery was a card worth PLN 100,000.


For the Warta company, we organized a lottery with prizes addressed to the winners of the #boWarto competition. There were cash rewards and a Toyota Corolla passenger car to be won.