Case studies

Costa Coffee

For Costa Coffee, we have implemented an effective loyalty platform, which made it possible to change the existing service of the programme from a traditional loyalty card to a convenient mobile application.


  • The introduction of a mobile application that will increase the comfort of existing and new users of the loyalty programme using a plastic loyalty card.


  • users are rewarded with "grains" for various activities, e.g. shopping in the Costa Coffee restaurant chain, recommending restaurants to friends or on a birthday
  • the collected "grains" can be exchanged for e-coupons or discount coupons for Partner companies
  • programme members have access to the history of purchases and information about obtained grains
  • access to dedicated promotions created on the basis of previous activity


  • increased comfort of loyalty programme users thanks to the replacement of traditional cards with stamps with a modern application
  • migration of hundreds of thousands of members of the old loyalty programme to the new system
  • gaining the planned number of clients within 2 weeks from the start of the programme

Costa Coffee is the largest in the UK and the second largest in the world international chain of cafes with over 3,000 points located in over 30 countries. Over 150 cafes operate under its banner in Poland. The brand is constantly expanding its product offer, an example of which is, among others, cooperation with Shell petrol stations where Costa Express coffee machines have been introduced.

Costa Coffee loyalty programme

The purpose of the platform we created for Costa Coffee was to enable participants to use the loyalty programme in an easy and convenient way and to improve its service for administrators. The implemented mobile application made it possible to eliminate the need for participants to use plastic loyalty cards. The existing members of the loyalty programme could efficiently transfer the points earned from the card to the new application.

The main assumption of the programme is to reward participants with "seeds" for taking specific activities, such as shopping at Costa Coffee cafes. The accumulated points can be exchanged for discount coupons to be used in partner companies. Each member of the loyalty programme has access to the history of purchases and accumulated points, which allows for ongoing monitoring of the benefits obtained. The Costa Coffee mobile app allows administrators to enter dedicated discount coupons for participants. Promotions can be implemented on the basis of data on the previous activity of each of them or information about a specific target group. Thanks to this, the extra points can be a birthday reward or a bonus for students.

Mobile app for Costa Coffee - results

Replacing a traditional plastic card with stamps with a modern Costa Coffee mobile application has increased the comfort of new and existing participants of its loyalty programme. Hundreds of thousands of existing users moved from the previous system to the new application, and within 2 weeks of the programme implementation, the number of customers was acquired for the entire year. It is a direct confirmation of not only the effectiveness of the platform we have created, but also the targeted targeting of the participants' needs. Thanks to the convenient application on the phone, each of them can collect points, exchange them for prizes and check the status of their "seeds" at any time. An additional advantage of the Costa Coffee application is also the possibility for administrators to implement dedicated discount coupons and efficient creation of special promotions as part of the loyalty programme.


Elektroklub is an affiliative programme with points aimed at installers. Its purpose is to activate existing users and attract new people who are willing to take part in the loyalty programme for companies.

Voltimum Plus

For Voltimum, we have organized a loyalty programme aimed at electricians, contractors and fitters. The main goal was to increase the effectiveness of sales in partner wholesalers and reward participants for their purchases.