Case studies

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OKI Systems

For OKI Systems Polska, we have implemented a loyalty programme based on rewarding participants who purchased premium brand products in a given month with points exchangeable for prizes available in the catalogue.


  • Participants receive points for purchases made during the month.


  • The programme is carried out continuously.
  • Participants earn points for purchasing premium products.
  • Points can be redeemed for prizes in the rewards catalogue.


  • Over 2,400 active participants.
  • Increase in brand awareness and presence.
  • A source of information about OKI's products and news.

OKI Europe is one of the largest manufacturers of printing devices. It includes companies from the global OKI group, which has been a world leader in printing innovation for over 130 years. The company offers a wide range of devices and solutions to business customers. It was the first to implement digital LED printing technology, which it then developed with advanced functions.

The assumptions of loyalty programme for OKI Systems

The factor that often influences customers and their decision to take part in a loyalty programme is the ease of understanding the rules of it. That is why we based its formula on a simple point system and benefits in the form of valuable rewards from the catalogue. As part of the OKI Systems programme, each participant purchasing premium products in a given month may receive a certain number of points for this activity on their individual account. Earned points can be exchanged for selected prizes available in the catalogue.

OKI Systems loyalty programme - results

The programme we have implemented for OKI Systems Polska is carried out on a continuous basis. It engaged over 2,400 active participants, which confirmed its effectiveness and attractiveness for the target group. Thanks to this, we achieved the intended goal of the brand, which was to increase its recognition and presence among people who use its solutions. The programme made it possible to strengthen the relationship between the brand and customers and increased their loyalty. For the company, it also meant achieving an appropriate level of sales for the selected assortment. The loyalty programme has also become a way for the company to familiarize participants with the entire OKI offer, including both existing products and new products.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions

For Fujitsu Technology Solutions, we have implemented a loyalty programme addressed to employees of companies selling the brand's products. For the purchased products, it was possible to receive rewards in the form of recharging the payment card.


For the Continental brand, we have implemented a loyalty programme addressed to the brand’s partners. The main goal of the measures was to effectively support car repair shops by rewarding them for specific activities.