Case studies

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For the Continental brand, we have implemented a loyalty programme addressed to the brand’s partners. The main goal of the measures was to effectively support car repair shops by rewarding them for specific activities.


  • Introduction of a programme that will be a real support in the work of car repair shops.


  • Users are rewarded with two currencies for various activities, e.g. purchasing Continental products and participation in additional activities, e.g. training or playing.
  • Each of the selected currency can be exchanged by the participant for Continental gadgets or products from the extensive Motivation Direct awards catalogue.
  • Programme participants have the access to their purchase history, information on points earned, new activities and additional benefits related to participation in additional activities.
  • Access to dedicated promotions created on the basis of previous activity.


  • Increased interest in new technologies offered by the brand.
  • Increase in purchases of the promoted products in the autumn / spring seasons.
  • Increase in brand recognition thanks to the use of branding materials available to participants.

Continental is one of the leaders in the global tire production. The company produces safe, efficient and performance-oriented tires for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and single-track vehicles. It is a leading company introducing new technologies in the automotive industry.

ContiOne loyalty programme

The assumption of the ContiOne loyalty programme was to organise support for car repair shops being the brand's partners. Its participants were awarded two currencies for taking specific actions within the programme. The above-mentioned currencies could be obtained, for example, by purchasing Continental products or joining additional campaigns in the form of engaging training sessions and games. To receive the award, all that had to be done was exchanging them for Continental gadgets or any products available in the extensive catalogue of Motivation Direct awards. The loyalty programme allowed participants to view their purchase history and monitor the number of points on their account. The engaged participants were additionally rewarded with dedicated promotions based on their previous activity, which increased their motivation to act.

Effective loyalty programme for B2B

The Continental affiliative programme implemented by us in order to support car repair shops turned out to be an effective way of attracting their interest in new technologies offered by the brand. Rewarding partners for the purchase of brand products and encouraging them to take part in interesting campaigns in exchange for the opportunity to receive valuable rewards increased the sale of the promoted assortment in the spring and autumn season. The motivators that encouraged users to be more active were dedicated promotions for people involved in the implementation of tasks and additional benefits, which were rewarded as part of special campaigns. A properly designed loyalty programme for B2B customers, along with the use of branding materials, allowed for an increase in brand recognition among car repair shops.


Elektroklub is an affiliative programme with points aimed at installers. Its purpose is to activate existing users and attract new people who are willing to take part in the loyalty programme for companies.


We designed a loyalty programme for the Essilor brand, which we addressed to the owners of optical salons cooperating with Essilor Polonia. Its main goal was to encourage them to buy selected brand lenses by rewarding their activity with points redeemable for prizes.