Case studies

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R Service Club

For Renault, we have implemented an incentive programme addressed to its authorized car repair shops. Its aim was to effectively motivate advisors and managers as well as to support the sale of Renault services and warranty packages.


  • Motivation of service advisers as well as managers of workshops and showrooms.
  • Support for the sale of repair services and Renault Poland warranty packages.
  • Rewarding the best workshops.


  • For the sale of selected maintenance services and warranty packages, Programme Participants receive points.
  • Each workshop has an individually set sales target.
  • Points are automatically exchanged for topping up prepaid cards.
  • Points are added to the sales ranking.


  • Increased involvement in the sale of Renault brand services and packages by authorized workshops and showrooms.

Renault is a leader in the field of electric vehicles in Europe. Our cooperation has been going on since 2019. The brand belongs to the Renault Group, which offers its customers innovative solutions in the automotive industry on many global markets. Recognized as a pioneer of sustainable mobility, it opens up new directions for changes in technology and vehicle production.

The aims of R Service Club programme

Our task as part of the R Service Club project was to prepare two IT platforms to support the programme and to develop its mechanisms and the theme. We also dealt with the creation of a system for the settlement of sales results and the payment of bonuses in the form of bonuses for personalized VISA prepaid cards.

The R Service Club incentive programme was developed for sales advisors and managers of authorized Renault workshops and showrooms. The aim of the programme was to support the sale of maintenance services and warranty packages. Certain sales actions were rewarded with points that were credited to the individual user account. Prepaid cards were the chosen form of rewarding people involved in the implementation of the designated actions. The points gained were automatically exchanged for their replenishment. Individual sales targets were set separately for each of the workshops. An additional motivator for achieving better and better results by programme participants was the publication of rankings available on the website.

The effects of incentive programme in Renault workshops and salons

The incentive programme developed by us effectively engaged employees and owners to achieve selected sales goals. The attractive scoring system and prepaid card rewards have proven to be an effective way to mobilize advisors and managers to increase sales of Renault services and warranty packages. The way to maintain good performance in the programme was to add a distinct element of competition to it. Each participant could find his place in the ranking and see the progress of others.


For the Continental brand, we have implemented a loyalty programme addressed to the brand’s partners. The main goal of the measures was to effectively support car repair shops by rewarding them for specific activities.

Costa Coffee

For Costa Coffee, we have implemented an effective loyalty platform, which made it possible to change the existing service of the programme from a traditional loyalty card to a convenient mobile application.