Case studies

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Cars Club

For one of the companies, Auto Centrum Dębowscy Spółka Jawna, we organized a loyalty programme aimed at employees of the Inter Cars branch. The main assumption was to encourage participants to achieve the sales targets set by rewarding them for taking specific actions.


  • Loyalty programme for employees of the Inter Cars branch.
  • Rewarding for the achievement of set goals and targets.


  • Points are awarded for each goal set and achieved.
  • Points redeemable for recharging prepaid cards.
  • The process of summing up the results and awarding points takes place once a month.


  • More than a dozen monthly gamification missions in the following categories: sales, new customer acquisition, order fulfilment level, productivity.
  • Over 90% of active participants.

Cars Club loyalty programme

The Cars Club loyalty programme we created was addressed to employees of the Inter Cars branch. Its main assumption was to define specific sales plans, for the implementation of which we rewarded each participant. Points were awarded for the completed task, which could then be exchanged for funds to top up the prepaid cards. Goals and targets were divided into several areas and were related to sales, new customer acquisition, order fulfilment levels and productivity. The results achieved by individual participants were summarized and reflected in points once a month.

B2B loyalty programme - results

The Cars Club loyalty programme turned out to be attractive and effective, as evidenced by over 90% of active participants. Its effectiveness was influenced by a well-thought-out form of gamification covering specific goals categorized according to a specific division. As part of the programme, several monthly missions were organized in which participants were encouraged to perform tasks in the field of sales, customer acquisition, as well as order fulfilment and increasing the productivity. The result of the loyalty programme was not only an increase in sales, but also the involvement of branch employees to escalate the efficiency of their work. Prepaid card recharge prizes turned out to be a well-suited solution, enabling participants to use the funds in any way they choose, which motivated them to get involved in achieving the sales targets set.

BGŻ BNP Paribas

For BGŻ BNP Paribas bank, we have created a loyalty programme addressed to its business partners.


For the Warta company, we organized a lottery with prizes addressed to the winners of the #boWarto competition. There were cash rewards and a Toyota Corolla passenger car to be won.