19 February 2018

The name of the loyalty program - what words to use to attract participants

While preparing a loyalty program, we focus on the strategy, mechanics, transparency and attractiveness for potential participants. We also attach a lot of importance to the rewards catalog, rightly recognizing that benefits are the prerequisite for higher activity. Meanwhile, we neglect the name of the loyalty program, which turns out to be as important as the other elements.

At the development stage of a loyalty program, it is necessary to take care of many important elements - structure, rules, mechanics, benefits, launch. Their proper preparation impacts the effectiveness of the strategy. Facing so many crucial details that need to be taken care of, unfortunately, it often happens that the name of the loyalty program becomes less of a priority. It usually gets less attention and takes less time than the other elements, although in reality it is equally important.

The name is the first piece of information about the loyalty program that the client – potential participant-comes across. It influences recipients’ emotions and attitudes towards both the brand and the loyalty program as well as forms the grounds for their participatory decisions. A general name, poorly matching the strategy, will not inspire any interest in the loyalty program, which should, after all, be perceived as something interesting and unique. That is why, it is so important that the name should sound attractive to customers and communicate the desired values.

1. The name of the loyalty program should reflect the strategy

It is very important that the name of the loyalty program implies what the program is all about. The client will not go through all rules and regulations to find out what the benefits are, even though it is the benefits which are of main interest to him. He simply has no time nor interest to devote himselto checking all the points. He will do that only when the program name appeals to him. That is why these two or three words need to convey a message informing what the program is about, and above all what it offers to its participants.

2. The name of the loyalty program should contain some emotions

The program name should evoke emotions as they build loyalty. Customers will perceive the program, as well as the brand, through the prism of emotions that will not only encourage participation, but also help to maintain long-term commitment. Emotions are therefore the key to building relationships. Providing customers with emotions, one should think about the values appreciated and desired by them, such as goodness, strength, beauty and happiness.

3. The name of the loyalty program should carry a certain value

Customers will be willing to join the program if they see a concrete value in it - sometimes even literally. The selling proposition "Collect points" will not motivate you as strongly as "Collect rewards". The added value selling proposition is an important element of the name of every loyalty program. Customers immediately know what to expect, and it works as an excellent motivator.