05 March 2018

Names of loyalty programs, some examples which proved successful and encourage participation

A good name of a loyalty program is the one that arouses the desire to participate in it. Therefore, it must create emotions and bring added value so that clients get the impression that they will become part of something special. At present, there are many loyalty programs, and among them there are those whose names deserve special attention as they perfectly fulfill their role.

The following are 5 examples of loyalty program names , both local and international, that attract participants, arouse interest and foster community building.

1. Players Circle – become a member of an exclusive group

The company D'Addario, dealing with renovations of musical instruments and accessories, created a name that perfectly matches its activities and the target group - musicians. The name works on two levels. On one hand, it indicates a group of people who will benefit from participation in the program, on the other one it appeals to emotions and values. By using the word "circle" (circle) special importance was given to the target group, making it a unique, even exclusive audience. The name clearly suggests to whom the loyalty program is addressed - who should join it and who will benefit from it.

2. Gilt’s Gilt Insider – only for those introduced into the secrets

The key word is the word "insider", which suggests that by becoming a participant in a loyalty program, clients will get exclusive access to something unique, reserved only for chosen members. And people want to feel honored. The name of the program is intriguing, arouses curiosity, and thus attracts attention. It is a promise of some kind of exclusiveness that many people desire. And this is the main incentive to participate.

3. Sephora’s VIB ROUGE – the Very Important Beauty

The name was inspired by a well-known term VIP - Very Important Person. The VIB abbreviation stands for Very Important Beauty and refers to the dominant feature of the cosmetics industry. Moreover, the name indicates that the beauty of each woman serves as the foundation of the company. In this way, emotions and values were addressed strongly, which undoubtedly creates the desire to join the elite program.

4. Miles&More – you travel a lot, you gain a lot

The name itself explicitly indicates what needs to be done to gain more. Although, it is a brief slogan, it clearly informs about the rules of the loyalty program. Thus, a potential participant does not have to analyze deeply the regulations in order to take a decision to join the program. He/she simply knows that when traveling, he/she gets miles, and thus gains some privileges. In addition, the name addresses the program target group - people truly traveling a lot.

5. MasterCard Priceless Specials – priceless promotions

MasterCard Priceless Specials is the new name of the MasterCard Rewards loyalty program. It definitely embeds more emotions and carries more value. Promotions, especially the priceless ones, are a strong incentive encouraging potential members not only to join, but also to actively participate in the loyalty program.