12 January 2018

Loyalty programs in 2018

Companies carrying out retail and service operations on the Polish market are aware of the benefits associated with the implementation of loyalty programs and, consequently, are increasingly willing to reach for them. The trend will also sustain in 2018. Incentive programs will bring tangible benefits to enterprises, as long as they make use of the appropriate knowledge about their clients which they have acquired.

The most important issue for entrepreneurs in 2018 should be effective accumulation of information about their customers' purchasing behavior, proper recommendation of their products / services in social media and omni-channel communication.

What else to expect on the loyalty program market in 2018 and what solutions are worth implementing to build long lasting customer loyalty in the new year? You will find the answer in an article prepared by Przemysław Wenka published on


Przemysław Wenka
CEO and Commercial Director at Motivation Direct