23 March 2018

A new dimension of loyalty programs. How will the future look like?

The best customer is the one who comes back, who always comes back. The owners of retail chains are aware of this. In order to attract consumers to their offer, they implement specialized loyalty programs. Their traditional forms are, however, increasingly insufficient for contemporary buyers. The situation makes entrepreneurs anticipate the future and reach for nonstandard solutions.

New approach to loyalty programs

Every customer is valuable. In a globalized world where services and products overlap, the fight for a consumer is one of the greatest challenges of any business. One of its forms are well-tailored loyalty programs. Who has never been offered a loyalty card or proposed to collect stamps that can be exchanged for specific rewards? As the practice shows, what proved successful a few years ago does not bring the expected results nowadays. Entrepreneurs have become aware of the need for a change and have more frequently begun to use modern methods of engaging users.

Money comes back

Are you planning your loyalty program? Are you at the stage of deciding on the right benefit? Be careful. Material rewards far in the future no longer appeals to the customer. Consumers expect instant bonuses for every transaction made. Refunder application meets their expectations. The operation of the system is very simple. In exchange for purchasing electronic equipment or a favorite book in designated shops and online stores, we can count on a few percent cash back. The money is credited directly to your account. When we collect the appropriate amount (currently it is PLN 45) we will have an opportunity to make a transfer to our private account. The fast pace of gratification induces client’s satisfaction and encourages customers to re-use the service.

Everything on one card

All active participants in traditional loyalty programs know that there is nothing more irritating than having to keep all forms and vouchers. This problem may soon disappear though. In order to facilitate the purchasing process, many entities have decided to replace traditional loyalty cards with all in one convenient bank card. Its use not only simplifies the entire process of receiving a bonus, but also makes shopping extremely convenient.

The discount is automatically calculated upon payment and the client is informed about the benefits. The growing popularity of such solutions allows us to look positively into the future. Very soon this type of services will continue to develop and new options, such as a refund upon paying with a smartphone, will be added.

The interest in loyalty programs is growing. One of the reasons for their development are innovative payment systems or instant cash back directly to your account. The trend is reinforced by major brands. Allegro or Empik withdrew from traditional incentive programs and introduced its highly innovative methods of gratification. Smaller brands would follow. Efforts in this respect will certainly be appreciated by customers who will be more willing to return and re-use the services offered.